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Protect your Golden Memories

Do you have video tapes lying around on a shelf collecting dust, unable to watch them as you no longer own a VHS player, or are you having trouble converting your video tapes to digital, but the quality of the conversion is less than perfect? We can save you time & headaches so you can enjoy watching again.

We provide a professional service converting your precious video tapes  to MP4 digital files. We then place the MP4 files onto an external portable hard drive. (It is preferred that you supply your own external portable hard drive (HDD) but if this is not possible, we can provide a 1TB hard drive for an extra $60.00).

What do you need to do? you will need to securely post us your video tapes & portable hard drive (HDD) to be converted to MP4 onto HDD and DVD's or drop it to us in our location if your in Melbourne and  We will then post back to you securely once the job has been completed.